Hi, I'm John Burkhard

Welcome to my website. This is where I share the honest things that matter in life. I care about an open, accessible, fast, responsive, and well-built web that puts people first. I believe design is made with words, not just pixels and code. There is a tremendous amount of substance found within the little things in life, and that is where I want to live deliberately. There are way too many blogs and websites around that skim the surface of life, and this my attempt at doing it the right way.

What I Do

I specialize in creating websites for great individuals and businesses, helping them to market their product or services successfully on the web. For this reason I tend to work on small to medium sized websites, but I can provide development services for more complex sites or applications. I aim to have a relationship with my clients where I can show a value to their business by being dependable, honest and by doing the type of work which makes a difference. I will always recommend a solution that I think will work best for the business.

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What I'm Learning

JavaScript for Web Designers by Mat Marquis is a great approach to teaching designers just what they need to know to be able to use JavaScript in their daily workflow. To date it is one of the easier books on the subject to digest.


Greensburg, PA 15601
United States of America